Is CONTROL your problem?

Are you happiest when you are able to things the way you want to do them?  Is it difficult for you to let your spouse or child do something on their own without you butting in or giving your opinion?

You most likely know, but now you just need to admit, that YOU HAVE A CONTROL ISSUE?

When does it become an issue?

Interestingly enough, some people don’t even know that it has become an issue until we start woking together.  Most people that love being in control, really think they are doing it for the better log.

They often believe that they are helping others by getting it done the RIGHT way.  That it is best if they can show others how it should be done. Most people that love to be in control haven’t thought that they are taking away some else’s ability to choose.

Here’s a little story

I have a client that came to me with infertility issues.  She hadn’t ovulated in a LONG time! Years! And now it was causing an issue because she was wanting to get pregnant.

After a few weeks of coaching I noticed that she mentioned quite a few times that she felt like she needed to be in control…of everything.  She was not saying it in a bad way, but I noticed that it was in every aspect of her life.

I coached her on her thoughts about being in control and she worked daily to coach herself and really address it at a deep level.  She did her part even though it was hard work.

Guess what….She OVULATED! Yep, she ovulated after not ovulating for years.

Believe it or not

Your thoughts really do influence ALL of your body functions!

What are your health issues? What is the thought that could be causing the problem?

You see, my client needed help figuring this out!  She needed someone outside of her head to have a different perspective.

If you are dealing with something you can’t figure out, lets figure it out together!





Why I do what I do.

Years ago after having my son, he’s 13 1/5 now, I was in a very bad place and I had no I idea what was going on.  My pregnancy had been pretty tough physically but I was also dealing with a pretty painful custody battle for my older daughter.

After having my son, it seemed like foods began to really influence the way I felt more than every.  My body hurt all the time, there were days when I couldn’t even get up.  There were are few times I couldn’t even walk, crawling to get my husband was all I could do.

Any type of physical work stated making me sick.  Working in the garden or yard for hours would make me sick for days.  It was becoming very debilitating to do anything. 

Then I began to have major bone loss in my jaw, resulting in the jaw of a 60 year old woman.  Doctors weren’t helping me at all.  They kept saying there was nothing wrong with me.

What I did

I decided I needed to take it into my own hands if I was going to be able to show up in life as a mother and wife.  So, I went back to school.  I became a  Holistic Health Practitioner because I wanted to learn how to fix myself naturally.  From the first class I took, I started to make chances and began to see improvement.

I went on to learn a method of treatment called NAET (Nambudripaud Allergy Elimination Technique) which is an amazing energy work method that helps the body detox so that it can heal.  I had major changes after learning this.  My body needed to do some major detoxing and a lot of it was emotions.

I also was trained in Thought Field Therapy, which is another type of energy work to help clear emotions and physical ailments.

What I noticed

I noticed that each client I worked with, there were emotionally issues that were the root of all of their health symptoms.  I was the same.  I had been in a physically abusive relationship and I am 100% sure that is where I began to spiral downward.

I decided I was going to change things up and get to the root with clients.  No matter what they, you, me are dealing with,  there is an emotional underlying cause.

Changes are profound when you get your mind in check

I have seen in in myself and my clients! Once you get into the cause and make the changes that is when stuff really gets to change.  I am still dealing with the repercussions of my issues, but i am so much healthier on every level.

I work on my mind EVERYDAY without fail and this is what keeps me healthy.  When I don’t, I suffer.

Why do you do what you do? Do you like your reason?

if not, what do you want to be doing.  Is there something that is calling you.  Maybe your experiences can bless the lives of others, just like mine have.

If you need help, I am here for that.  That is what I do.



Ignorance is such BLISS?

Do you agree?

Ignorance is one of those things that no one really wants, but it is a bummer when you are on the other side of an issue you don’t REALLY want to have any knowledge about!

Is it really BLISS?

I remember when my gums had been receding for quite some time and the doctors couldn’t tell what was going on.  I was also suffering from so many other issues they thought I might have MS, or an array of autoimmune diseases.  Talk about scared of the unknown.  I sure let my mind wander.

I can tell you, my ignorance was NOT bliss!  I think it actually made things worse for me.

After many doctors appointments and not answers, I decided to figure it out on my own.

Understanding what was going on

I can tell you that I got a glimpse of BLISS once I started to understand what was really going on in my body.  I began to believe that I could heal myself through my thoughts, food, supplementation, meditation, etc..

Depending what your definition of bliss is, Ignorance is just not fun when you are dealing with health issues.

Take the time to listen to your intuition.  It will know what is really going on. Your mind must be quiet to hear it.

It is fun to really listen to your intuition. I love doing it with clients.

Let me know if you need help.







Hormones Made Simple

Understanding what is going on with your  hormones throughout the month, makes life quite a bit better.  Just simply understanding why you are experiencing different things is so empowering.

I won’t go into too much detail, because I think simplicity is best here.  Here it is!!!

Hormones made simple!


Week 1 Estrogen begins to rise.

  • Estrogen begin to rise slowly, helping you go from aches and pains of period to more energy by the end.
  • There may be an increase of desire to socialize with the increase of estrogen
  • Memory seems to be working better this week


Week 2 Estrogen (and testosterone) Peaks

  • Feeling the most confident and brave of the entire month
  • Memory is the best this week Skin seems to look the best because of its help to the soft tissue
  • Have the most willpower this week Not as hungry because of the appetizing effect of estrogen
  • You feel the thinnest this week Libido the highest

Week 3 Progesterone rises, testosterone and estrogen decrease, then estrogen rises again

  • Start to feel “pre-PMS” since estrogen is decreasing
  • Feel a little better as the week goes on since estrogen rises again
  • You may feel foggier, quieter and more snacky since progesterone increases
  • Digestion slows and you may become constipated (body is trying to absorb as many nutrients in case you get pregnant)
  • Libido drops, but you still may want just hugs and comfort
  • Exercising at this time burns up to 30% more fat this week because of the combination of estrogen and progesterone.
  • Extra tired since the progesterone is taking all your energy

Week 4 Estrogen and Progesterone take a dive

  • Most irritable and angry week of the month if you do get PMS
  • With drop of estrogen you may become more pessimistic, cynical, negative and critical
  • Since estrogen drops, your body craves carbohydrates to refuel it
  • May get a little bit of libido back, not because of hormones but because of the extra activity “down there” as your body preps for your period
  • Craving fatty foods could happen as well because of the progesterone
  • Health issues may flare up worse this week

There you have it! Can you tell which of your hormones is off, just by this overview?


I help with this! Lets get you balanced!


Wanting! It’s Natural and Okay!

As a I child, I remember feeling GUILTY every time I wanted something.  Weather it was a toy, candy, or as I got older a nice car,  I don’t exactly remember when I began to connect the THOUGHT of wanting something with the FEELING of “GUILT”.

As an adult, once I realized I had this thought and that  was definitely not serving me, it was pretty frustrating how long it took to change.

Healthy Want

You see my husband has a very healthy relationship with money and wanting things.  He feels like it is just like hunger, a natural good (as long as it is in a healthy place) desire.  He has his values in line, he knows he is not stepping on anyones toes to get what he wants, and he is working to earn it.  He isn’t expecting anyone else to give him anything.

After learning from him, I have come a long way and it was amazing what has changed in my life.

The desire to want is a God given desire.  We have all seen people that are complacent and don’t want anything.  They have no momentum, not working toward anything.  They are usually stuck!

Healthy want is exactly what a human needs to improve in life.  To become their best SELF.

What do you want?

Think about what you want! Write down all the detail! The more detailed the better.  This way your brain has a place to go as it works toward it.

Then write down how you are going to feel once you get it.  Are you going to feel peace, excited, content, etc..  Again the more detailed the better.

Here is an example of what I did with my daughter.  Dr. Joe Dizpenza suggest doing something like we did in the picture below.  

You give the item or experience you want a letter.

Draw lines around it representing the vibration (vibrations come from emotions)  that you will be putting off as you reach for it.

On one side list the experience in detail.  On the other side, list the emotions you will feel.

The Trick

Now the trick is to spend time with this everyday.  Imagine it, feel it, experience it! This allows your brain to get in alignment with what you are really working toward.

Believe it or not as soon as you Believe it and Feel it 100% you will make it happen! You will know when there is no more doubt, that you are on the right track.

The part that is so fun is that when you make it a part of your neuro-network, you brain is able to that letter throughout the day.  Every time you see you letter when reading, at the store, in a street sign, it will remind your brain what you are working towards.  It is pretty profound.

Give it a try.  Let me know I  you need help.  I love doing this with clients!






Why Keeping Commitments to Yourself Matters

I remember hearing once that you be more willing to keep commitments to yourself over commitments to other people.

I was a little shocked at first and thought that it was okay to do the opposite because you can always make time for the stuff you need to do “later.”

Try It Out

So I gave it a try to see what really happens when you never take no for an answer from yourself.  I very strategically put things on my calendar and I DID them no matter what came up.  I wouldn’t let myself have any excuses.

It was pretty crazy what I started to feel…..MORE CONFIDENCE! 

I also began to learn so many new skills.  They were all things I was wanting and needing to do, but I finally really took the time to do them.

The Reason

Have you ever been around someone that doesn’t do what they say? It is pretty frustrating and unfortunately, you end up not having much confidence in them.

You don’t trust them to do what they say and you most likely don’t really want them around after a while.

It is the exact same within ourselves.  When we don’t do what we say we will do, we begin to not trust ourselves.  Our confidence begins to diminish.  After sometime, we don’t even like being around ourselves.

Sound familiar?  It is all too familiar to so many of us.

The answer…Write everything you want or need to on your calendar.  With specific times.

Then just do it!

No excuses.  No questions asked, even if it is the last thing you want to do!

Teach your brain that it can trust you to do what you say you are going to do!

What your confidence grow little by little!








How to pull anything off

Since we are human, most of us have at least once, tried to create a new habit, but to our disappointment hardly could pull it off for a week.  It can be pretty frustrating at first, but we usually become complacent and make the decision that that “goal” was not really for us.

The reason it is so hard for us to change a habit we have had for so many years, is that habits are taking place in our Alpha brain waves.  After performing a behavior for a good chunk of time your brain is so smart and puts those behaviors in auto pilot, which means they get put down in the alpha waves.  It’s genius because the brain knows that it is something you do every day, so it helps you save energy and not have to think about it as much.  This is why it gets moved to the alpha or theta waves.

The problem

The problem arises when we are trying to change a habit or behavior.    This takes place in the BETA state.  So the behavior is down in the DELTA or THETA state and we are trying to change it from the BETA state.

They aren’t even in the same place.  It would be like trying to clean a window and you not even being in the same room as the window.

A few tricks

There are a few ways to approach this dilemma, it may be a good idea to try a few of them to see which works for you.


Meditation is a great way to get your brain to the delta and theta waves, which is where you can make the real change.  There are so many meditations out there, but go online and choose a guided meditation that you will enjoy doing.  During and after the meditation bring up the behavior or thought that you want to change and imagine releasing it.  Doing this regularly makes a huge difference.

Do the Dirty Work

Take the time daily to address what is is you want to change.  Be sure to do this on paper.  When it is on paper, your brain can really separate it and see what it wants and does not want.  Practice replacing the stuff  you don’t want with things that you do want.  If it is all on paper you can cross stuff out and imagine being done with it.

On the other hand if there are things you do want, then write it down so that your brain knows you are serious.  Do this daily. Just like brushing your teeth, those small acts add up and those will eventually get down to the delta and theta waves and become habits.

You got this.  Be patient with yourself!

As always this is what I do, let me help you if you can’t get it on your own.



I made myself sick!

I should know better but I totally made myself sick!

I was in a situation where I really wanted to say something and I knew I should say something, but I didn’t.  I immediately felt a lump in my throat.  Within an hour I could hardly talk.

Within 2 hours I was feverish.  I could feel myself declining quickly.

Now it is 6 days later and I am still sick.  I almost over it, but it is still lingering.

How it happened?

When your body is under a high level of stress, which is exactly what I put myself under, it doesn’t have the ability to fight of illness that your body is exposed to.   The high levels of cortisol and adrenaline that are present in the body make it difficult to stay healthy when exposed to illness.

The crazy thing is,i I know better.  I should be able to stop this kind of thing from happening.  BUT, I am HUMAN.  It is just part of the human experience.

The real problem!

The situation was that I was THINKING one thing and I DID the complete opposite.  This dissonance causes so much stress in the body.  My brain wasn’t quite sure why I wasn’t doing what I thought I should do.

Think about it in the most basic of situations.  You see a lion coming after you.  You THINK, “I better run.”  But you don’t.  You stay still and just watch the lion come toward you.  This is going to cause some stress.

Your body sends cortisol out to the blood stream to improve your vision, make your muscles ready to run, and your brain able to think clearly. This is what cortisol is for, to protect you.

If you end up living through a situation like that, your cortisol levels should go back to normal and you can continue back to what you were doing.  If you stay in that stressed state, you body then doesn’t have the ability to fight off other stuff that heads its way.

The result!

So because of the DISSONANCE I had in my brain, I allowed my immune system to weaken.  Yep, I can honestly say it was all my fault.  I am doing much better, thank goodness I have a few tools up my sleeve.

We are human, it’s okay.  Just start to be aware.

As always, let me know if you need help!




Episode 10: Estrogen Dominance

Excess weight around stomach and hips? Can’t lose weight?

Sore breast? Endometriosis?  Fibroids? PMS?

…And many other symptoms!

Listen to see if this describes some of your issues.  Here is a guide to help you!

As always let me know if you have any questions.  That is what I do! Help you get balanced!


Episode 8: Body Budget

Did you know your body has a budget, just like your finances?

It is pretty amazing when you address your body this way.  You begin to see what is stealing all the “funds.”

Try what I suggest in this episode and let me know what changes!

Here is a freebie to help!  Body Budget PDF

As always, let me know if you need my help!