Anxiety or Depression? or Both?

Feeling Anxious and then depressed is more common than you think!

What is really going on?

Going back and forth between anxiety and depression can occur for a number of reasons, but today I am going to address one that seems to be the most prominent amongst my clients.

As anyone can assume, the brain likes to have harmony. This means that the brain and the body need to be on the same page at all times in order for this to take place.

When they aren’t in harmony, one of the things we as humans feel is anxiety and then depression.

Is this familiar?

In your mind you feel like you should be doing one thing and but you actually do the opposite.

For example: You really think (BRAIN) you should tell a friend what you think about her behavior. But when you see her you talk and act as if you agree with her behavior (BODY).

The Problem!

The problem with this is that your brain is wondering why the heck you aren’t doing what is THINKS you should do. The familiar feeling is when you have told a child to do something and they don’t listen or even do the opposite.

This usually causes us to get upset and wonder “why they heck can’t you just listen to me?”

This is exactly what is going on in the brain. It is wondering why the heck you don’t listen to it.

The fancy term for this is COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: basically when the brain and behavior are not on the same page.

This usually starts in a sort of anxious feeling. You can tell you are uncomfortable but try to get through it. If it continues, it gets worse! The longer it continues the brain starts to get pretty frustrated and the hormones that are released cause you to get pretty low.

It is a great defense mechanism because you if you are in a depressed state you have a reason to not have to address the issue.

What to do!

So you either need to change your thought or your behavior in order for this to change. In the example above, you either need to really be okay with your friends behavior or you need to tell her what you think.

It is a process and takes some work to really recognize and change what is going on. But it is so worth it!

Do the dirty work! Get your mind and body on the same page! You’ve got this!

Let me know if you need any help with it!