Teen Acne

Acne is a sign that there is a lot going on inside of your teen. Rather than put them on medication, which could have lasting health implications, find out what is going on in their body that is the REAL cause.

This 2 hour class will teach you the reasons why they are experiencing acne and how you can help them.

If you can’t attend, be sure a register so that you can get the recording sent to you.

Join me online Friday February 3rd at 12 PM CST

Episode 79 Estrogen Dominance

Bloating, heavy bleeding, abnormal paps, excess weight, breast tenderness, anxiety and depression, fibroids, painful periods, endometriosis, mood swings, PMS, irritability, brain fog…all signs that your body is producing and storying too much estrogen.   In this episode I go into detail as to why and what you can do to help balance your estrogen levels naturally.

Episode 77 From Panic to Control…A Client Interview

You will love this one…her story is amazing.

She went from panic attacks, anxiety and a constant achy body to a place of control and hormonal health.

She shares her journey with us in this episode.


Let her be your inspiration for what is possible for you.

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Episode 68 You want it to be because of your Hormones.

Hormones have always had a bad reputation.  As women we didn’t learn about them.  It was more that they are too hard to understand.  This causes so many problems in our ability to balance them. In this episode, see if you can also change your perspective of your hormones.  Can you embrace and love them so that you can understand them?

Episode 66 Who is waiting for you?

Who is waiting for you to fix your hormones? Your children?  Your grandchildren?  Your spouse? Who are the people that are waiting for you to set an example and take care of yourself?  Who will be so glad to spend better quality time with you?  Who will thank you for fixing your hormones so that you speak kinder? This episode hopefully makes you really think about what you need to do to get your hormones under control. Enjoy.

Episode 63 Stop Being a Hormonal Mess Step #1

There is a clear first step to take in order for your hormones to balance. When you try something and it is not working, it is because you missed this first step.  In this episode I go into detail about what the first step is and how important it is to really grasp this one before anything can start to change.  This is where you must start if you want out of survival mode.

Episode 54 Low Estrogen

This week’s episode is a follow up to last week’s episode on Estrogen Dominance. Low Estrogen is the other side of the coin in women dealing with many health symptoms. In this episode you will receive a completely new way to view what is going on with your body and health. Listen and be ready to get into action.

Episode 44 Do you need Supplements?

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Do you feel like you need supplements to fix your imbalances? You will want to listen to this episode for a new perspective and hopefully gain some insight. Enjoy!

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Episode 43 Understanding what YOUR body is saying.

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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]This is the second step I use when working with clients to help them get into better health. Understanding what YOUR body is specifically saying is a game changer. You will get your control back. Enjoy![/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

Episode 40 The Estrogen Dilemma

Irregular periods, tender breast, excess weight around stomach and hips, moodiness, fatigue, PMS, heavy periods, etc.. these all can be a result of estrogen imbalance. Understanding where estrogen is produced and what you have going on in those parts of the body is a great way of naturally balancing your hormones. This episode I specifically talk about a totally new way to address your imbalance.