Creativity the answer to so many things!

I have heard time and time again from so many women, “i’m just not the creative type.”  I even used to say this, to my embarrassment!

But let me argue otherwise. There is not a single person on this earth that is not creative.  End of story!  Really.

The difference

There isn’t a person I have met that doesn’t have the desire to be CREATIVE. It is in us.  It is a God given desire.  I would even like to say it is more of a NEED.  We even have an entire part of our body that is made of “PROCREATION.”  So when people say they aren’t creative, I remind them that their brain is lying to them again.

When I work with women coming to me from all different health and hormonal issues, especially infertility, most of them are doing nothing to be creative.  I have seen it all the way from the young to the old.  It is as most of them feel bad or frivolous taking the time each day to be creative.

Since we hold our creativity in one of our lower 3 chakras (the sacral chakra-see pic below) it is a primal need that we must fulfill in order to really thrive in this life.   

Primal Need?

If you lived back in very primal times, you would need to be creative in order to even survive.  Think about what you would do for housing, food, warmth.  You would have to get creative in order to Survive.  It was a necessity!

In our modern time, all of these things are taken care.  Most people have to really try to be creative.  These days most people think it is not something everyone has.

I want to disagree.

I know we all have the ability to be creative!

I have seen clients improve their health dramatically by taking the time to be creative each day.

Get creative with your cooking.

Change the flowers in the planter to something different.

Rearrange a room.

Doodle for 15 minutes.

Sit down and write a list of 10 ways you can…..(think of anything)

Want to get pregnant?  Then REALLY put your energy into being creative.  Creativity in your intimacy is a good place to start.

Take care of this primal need so that your body can CREATE other things (a baby).

Give it a try! See what it does for you!

If you need help, let me know.  We got this together.