Hormones Made Simple

Understanding what is going on with your  hormones throughout the month, makes life quite a bit better.  Just simply understanding why you are experiencing different things is so empowering.

I won’t go into too much detail, because I think simplicity is best here.  Here it is!!!

Hormones made simple!


Week 1 Estrogen begins to rise.

  • Estrogen begin to rise slowly, helping you go from aches and pains of period to more energy by the end.
  • There may be an increase of desire to socialize with the increase of estrogen
  • Memory seems to be working better this week


Week 2 Estrogen (and testosterone) Peaks

  • Feeling the most confident and brave of the entire month
  • Memory is the best this week Skin seems to look the best because of its help to the soft tissue
  • Have the most willpower this week Not as hungry because of the appetizing effect of estrogen
  • You feel the thinnest this week Libido the highest

Week 3 Progesterone rises, testosterone and estrogen decrease, then estrogen rises again

  • Start to feel “pre-PMS” since estrogen is decreasing
  • Feel a little better as the week goes on since estrogen rises again
  • You may feel foggier, quieter and more snacky since progesterone increases
  • Digestion slows and you may become constipated (body is trying to absorb as many nutrients in case you get pregnant)
  • Libido drops, but you still may want just hugs and comfort
  • Exercising at this time burns up to 30% more fat this week because of the combination of estrogen and progesterone.
  • Extra tired since the progesterone is taking all your energy

Week 4 Estrogen and Progesterone take a dive

  • Most irritable and angry week of the month if you do get PMS
  • With drop of estrogen you may become more pessimistic, cynical, negative and critical
  • Since estrogen drops, your body craves carbohydrates to refuel it
  • May get a little bit of libido back, not because of hormones but because of the extra activity “down there” as your body preps for your period
  • Craving fatty foods could happen as well because of the progesterone
  • Health issues may flare up worse this week

There you have it! Can you tell which of your hormones is off, just by this overview?


I help with this! Lets get you balanced!