How to pull anything off

Since we are human, most of us have at least once, tried to create a new habit, but to our disappointment hardly could pull it off for a week.  It can be pretty frustrating at first, but we usually become complacent and make the decision that that “goal” was not really for us.

The reason it is so hard for us to change a habit we have had for so many years, is that habits are taking place in our Alpha brain waves.  After performing a behavior for a good chunk of time your brain is so smart and puts those behaviors in auto pilot, which means they get put down in the alpha waves.  It’s genius because the brain knows that it is something you do every day, so it helps you save energy and not have to think about it as much.  This is why it gets moved to the alpha or theta waves.

The problem

The problem arises when we are trying to change a habit or behavior.    This takes place in the BETA state.  So the behavior is down in the DELTA or THETA state and we are trying to change it from the BETA state.

They aren’t even in the same place.  It would be like trying to clean a window and you not even being in the same room as the window.

A few tricks

There are a few ways to approach this dilemma, it may be a good idea to try a few of them to see which works for you.


Meditation is a great way to get your brain to the delta and theta waves, which is where you can make the real change.  There are so many meditations out there, but go online and choose a guided meditation that you will enjoy doing.  During and after the meditation bring up the behavior or thought that you want to change and imagine releasing it.  Doing this regularly makes a huge difference.

Do the Dirty Work

Take the time daily to address what is is you want to change.  Be sure to do this on paper.  When it is on paper, your brain can really separate it and see what it wants and does not want.  Practice replacing the stuff  you don’t want with things that you do want.  If it is all on paper you can cross stuff out and imagine being done with it.

On the other hand if there are things you do want, then write it down so that your brain knows you are serious.  Do this daily. Just like brushing your teeth, those small acts add up and those will eventually get down to the delta and theta waves and become habits.

You got this.  Be patient with yourself!

As always this is what I do, let me help you if you can’t get it on your own.