I do this every 28 days

As I have gotten older I have grown to love the sky more and more.  Something I found that I really love is the moon and the phases it has through the month.
So tomorrow, July 2nd, is a New Moon.  Why does this even matter?
It is a NEW beginning!  It is a chance for you to look at your life, health, family, home, etc.. and make a NEW plan.
This may sound crazy but I usually make my plan based on which of my chakras feels the most out of balance (I can usually tell by physical symptoms).
Here is a little help if you need help figuring that out.
Chakras by order from lowest on body moving up to the head.
Root (base of spine) bladder problems, constipation, low back pain,
    Do you feel like you don’t belong? Why?
Sacral (below navel) lack of motivation, zero libido, emotional confusion, irregular cycle, PMS, bladder infections, kidney issues.
    Do you feel unaccepted? Why?
Solar Plexus (navel area) overeating, lethargy, fatigue, indulgent, lack of confident, lack of self control, anxiety, insecurity and fear.
    Do you feel like you don’t know your true identity?
Heart (center of chest) inability to forgive, inability to show love to self or others, feeling of disconnect, difficulty breathing, asthma, lung issues, heart problems.
    Do I need to forgive someone or myself? Why am I not?
Throat (throat) thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances, throat discomfort, cough from throat, tickle in throat, loss of voice.
    Is there something you should be saying but aren’t?
Third Eye (between eyebrows) paranoia,nightmares, anxiety, delusions, skeptical of everything.
    Are you overly logical, you don’t listen to your intuition?
Crown (top of head) migraines, headaches, can’t make decisions, chronic exhaustion, hair loss, amnesia, greed, dominate others.
    Do you lack inspiration?
The last week I have had a hard time breathing so I knew my heart charka was out of balance and that I better address any issues before they turned into something worse.
So, my intuition this month is to Listen to my Heart. Sometimes I get stuck doing things that my heart is not 100% loving (laundry😬 this is why kids now do their own) and then I end up frustrated and anxious.
So for the next 28 Days, I will only follow my heart.
It is pretty awesome if you set a new intention with the moon cycles because they happen every 28 days (yes, it even influences your menstrual cycle).
You get to choose your thoughts, choose wisely!
Have a great week!