I made myself sick!

I should know better but I totally made myself sick!

I was in a situation where I really wanted to say something and I knew I should say something, but I didn’t.  I immediately felt a lump in my throat.  Within an hour I could hardly talk.

Within 2 hours I was feverish.  I could feel myself declining quickly.

Now it is 6 days later and I am still sick.  I almost over it, but it is still lingering.

How it happened?

When your body is under a high level of stress, which is exactly what I put myself under, it doesn’t have the ability to fight of illness that your body is exposed to.   The high levels of cortisol and adrenaline that are present in the body make it difficult to stay healthy when exposed to illness.

The crazy thing is,i I know better.  I should be able to stop this kind of thing from happening.  BUT, I am HUMAN.  It is just part of the human experience.

The real problem!

The situation was that I was THINKING one thing and I DID the complete opposite.  This dissonance causes so much stress in the body.  My brain wasn’t quite sure why I wasn’t doing what I thought I should do.

Think about it in the most basic of situations.  You see a lion coming after you.  You THINK, “I better run.”  But you don’t.  You stay still and just watch the lion come toward you.  This is going to cause some stress.

Your body sends cortisol out to the blood stream to improve your vision, make your muscles ready to run, and your brain able to think clearly. This is what cortisol is for, to protect you.

If you end up living through a situation like that, your cortisol levels should go back to normal and you can continue back to what you were doing.  If you stay in that stressed state, you body then doesn’t have the ability to fight off other stuff that heads its way.

The result!

So because of the DISSONANCE I had in my brain, I allowed my immune system to weaken.  Yep, I can honestly say it was all my fault.  I am doing much better, thank goodness I have a few tools up my sleeve.

We are human, it’s okay.  Just start to be aware.

As always, let me know if you need help!