Is CONTROL your problem?

Are you happiest when you are able to things the way you want to do them?  Is it difficult for you to let your spouse or child do something on their own without you butting in or giving your opinion?

You most likely know, but now you just need to admit, that YOU HAVE A CONTROL ISSUE?

When does it become an issue?

Interestingly enough, some people don’t even know that it has become an issue until we start woking together.  Most people that love being in control, really think they are doing it for the better log.

They often believe that they are helping others by getting it done the RIGHT way.  That it is best if they can show others how it should be done. Most people that love to be in control haven’t thought that they are taking away some else’s ability to choose.

Here’s a little story

I have a client that came to me with infertility issues.  She hadn’t ovulated in a LONG time! Years! And now it was causing an issue because she was wanting to get pregnant.

After a few weeks of coaching I noticed that she mentioned quite a few times that she felt like she needed to be in control…of everything.  She was not saying it in a bad way, but I noticed that it was in every aspect of her life.

I coached her on her thoughts about being in control and she worked daily to coach herself and really address it at a deep level.  She did her part even though it was hard work.

Guess what….She OVULATED! Yep, she ovulated after not ovulating for years.

Believe it or not

Your thoughts really do influence ALL of your body functions!

What are your health issues? What is the thought that could be causing the problem?

You see, my client needed help figuring this out!  She needed someone outside of her head to have a different perspective.

If you are dealing with something you can’t figure out, lets figure it out together!