Our Brain, the Biggest Liar of All!

It’s Job

It sounds awful saying that the brain is a liar, but stick with me here.  Your primitive brain really REALLY wants to keep you safe! It wants to make sure you don’t get hurt, eaten by a lion, or put into a dangerous situation.

So it protects you by telling you lies!

Think of the last time you tried something new or came up with a new idea. What is the first thing that happened as soon as you decided to do it?

Your brain freaked out!  It came came up with 100 reasons why you should not do it.  Fear kicked in, doubt started to have it’s voice, and the covers sounded like a good place to go.

The Real Deal

By causing all of those emotions to run through your body, your brain thinks it is keeping you safe. But what really is it keeping you safe from?

Really, think about it.  The only thing is is keeping you from doing is feeling something.  That something is an emotion.  An emotion is only a vibration.  So if you know this and you know that all your brain is trying to do is stop you from feeling a vibration, then the rest of the stuff it makes up, is just a lie.

It is just a story so that you won’t put yourself at risk.  Isn’t that crazy.  None of it is true,

So all the reason you are saying you can’t do something are really just lies.  You aren’t going to die.

So what is stopping you?

What story is your brain telling you?

You get to Choose

You get to choose wether you believe your brains stories or not.  it is that simple.  What are you going to believe?

If you are having a hard time seeing your brains lies, lets talk.  Let’s get to the bottom of it!

I can help!