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I do this every 28 days

I do this every 28 days

As I have gotten older I have grown to love the sky more and more.  Something I found that I really love is the moon and the phases it has through the month. So tomorrow, July 2nd, is a New Moon.  Why does this even matter? It is a NEW beginning!  It is a chance for...

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Episode 15 Untrue Thoughts and Your Health

Episode 15 Untrue Thoughts and Your Health

Would you believe me if I told you, you are believing untrue thoughts on a daily basis.... and they are causing your health  issues? It is true.  In this episode I address how you can tell if a thought is untrue and if it is causing you a problem.  You will walk away...

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"I have been doing Dana's weight loss program for 8 weeks and have gone from 167 to 152 pounds. I think about food differently now and the thought process she teaches about body image helps me so much. I know what my body needs and doesn't need. The weight keeps coming off. This is real weight loss and I feel so good in my own body. Amy "

–Amy, Southern California

"Dana is the best. She is so in tune with my needs and has helped me to achieve emotional and physical goals I never thought possible."

–Paige Wilson, Saint George UT

"I have worked with Dana for years. She has helped me in so many ways to improve my self esteem and my marriage."

–Rachel Fry, Yucaipa CA

"I've been able to find balance and emotional stability since working with Dana. I have never felt better about myself."

–Carly Gorman, Salt Lake City UT

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