PMS! Perimenopause!

Last week was an awful week!

I was emotional, uncomfortable in body, my body hurt, I was tired,  felt sick to my stomach, and I looked like I aged a few years in week because of my dark circle and aging skin.

I thought I was dying!

So now that I am 40, I am the lucky recipient of two gifts…..PMS and Perimenopause!

Some months it is an easy week before my period and I hardly know I am going to start my period and then other months it is awful.

Being a Vata, Fall is always a season that really throws my hormones for a loop.

Once I realized what was going on, I was able to make a few lifestyle changes and change a few of my supplements and it made a world of difference.


This is the time in a women’s body  (usually starts around 35-40) when her body starts to prepare for her last menstrual cycle (sounds good to me).  Progesterone levels start to drop first and then the estrogen begins to decline.

This can be so hard for some of us because we don’t feel like we are old enough to start this process and then we aren’t sure what to do or what exactly is going on.

Some women start to put on weight, have some crazy mood swings and/or severe decrease in energy.

Which hormones are responsible?

Low Progesterone can cause…

  • night sweats
  • heavy periods or extremely light periods
  • anxiety
  •  excessive worry

Low Estrogen made cause… (this is what I was feeling last week, all of them!!!)

  • poor memory
  • more wrinkles
  • mild depression
  • droopy boobs
  • vaginal dryness
  • sun spots start to show
  • more stress
  • body aches

Testosterone starts to decrease which causes…

  • low or no sex drive
  • low confidence
  • loss of muscle mass
  • loss of pubic hair
  • feeling of helplessness

Lovely Cortisol always plays some roll and can…

  • make you tired in the day and wide awake at night

Why the heck does it get worse?

Usually starting around the age of 40 a women’s body has maxed out on the amount of stress, toxins, and burden that it can bear.

This is why it all of the sudden feels so critical to make some changes….you will do whatever it takes to feel normal again.

Where to start?

A great place to start is with your stomach (there is an article on this).  Yep, this is where it all starts! Take it or leave it.  But you have probably had plenty of times where you are realizing there are just somethings you can’t eat anymore without not feeling well.

Cutting out all processed foods is a great place to start.

Shop the perimeter of the store. Increase your vegetable intake.

Cutting out or limiting all processed sugars and flours (these increase insulin a cause so many problems)

Cutting out red meats also helps balance hormones, especially cortisol.

Exercise is a great way to quickly and naturally balance all hormones.

Taking supplements such as ashwaghanda for sleep, chasteberry for PMS, or take a great mix that I love. Biofem PMS or Biofem Transition.

Meditate or breathe deeply at least once a day!  It is free and will really help with balancing all hormones. Quiet your mind and watch your thoughts! You maybe having a bit of stuff going on in your mind that is causing a lot of the issues as well.

Be patient!

If you start any of these or all of them, be patient and stick with it.  Your body may take a little bit to show signs of balance.  Remember that it took a while to get to the place you are now, so be patient.

Let me know if you need help with figuring any of this out.