This RETREAT is for you if…

Do you feel like you were going through the motions? like you want to be engaged, really present with your family, but instead feel distant, separate and alone. Sometimes you even feel this disconnect with your friends and if you’re honest…with yourself.  When you feel out of sync with yourself it’s impossible to feel truly connected with others. Come to  The retreat to reconnect with your true self.
Do you ever feel like the chores of the day are killing the dreams of a life time? Maybe there is something more but between the never ending dishes and the mountains of laundry, you are too drained to even remember your dreams- let alone go after them.  When you step outside your daily life you can get excited about the possibilities. Come to the retreat so you can reignite your purpose.
Do you ever feel like you’re on the battlefield of life, facing down the enemy day after day? The barrage of enemy fire never ceases. When an army is into deep, they retreat. They withdraw so that they can refresh and get really clear on their strategy. A retreat does the same thing in your life. It gives you a break from the incessant demands of your life so you can see exactly what you need.  Retreat from the every day. 

Come Ready to Catch Your Dreams

Taking time for yourself, to RECONNECT with your wants, desires and dreams, is necessary in order to make profound change.

It is times away from normal life that you are really able to REIGNITE those dreams and desires and really create a plan to move forward.

RETREATING with likeminded, inspiring, and motivated people can make all the difference.


Pricing for this amazing retreat is all-inclusive.  You will enjoy the beautiful relaxing atmosphere, three delicious meals a day prepared by a personal chef with snacks readily available , participation in morning yoga as well as all group workshops and activities. With the intention of intimacy and connection, space is limited and different price levels reflect accomadations.

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