Sugar! The Love of your Life?

Is sugar your true love?

No, really?  Is it the one that you look forward to each day?  What you can’t wait to have?

Your day or life revolves around getting it in your hands?

You are a much happier person when you have it?

Then you must be in love SUGAR!!! (that is a nice way of saying addicted)!


How did you fall in love with it?


It probably started when you had a few sweets at a time when you were feeling stressed out or overwhelmed.  You ate that tasty treat and your body quickly had an increase of dopamine ( a relaxing hormone).

Your body thanked you for that increase of dopamine and you were able to “feel” calmer and happier.

Your body quickly learned that sugar is a great way to get a dopamine hit.  So the next time you felt stressed or overwhelmed, your brain remembered the sugar and decided to ask for more!

You gave it more, except this time it needed a little bit more than the first time to get the same amount of dopamine released into the system.

Over time, you can see how this process can lead to a love relationship with sugar.

The sugar helps it so you don’t have “feel” the overwhelm, stress, frustration, saddens, etc..  It became your buffer, keeping you safe from your “feelings.”

Great, now it’s an unhealthy relationship?


Yep! That first bit of sugar has now become an unhealthy relationship.  It has become your drug of choice and protects you from having to really “feel’ any of your negative emotions.

The bummer is, when you don’t actually feel any of your emotions and really deal with them, they come back to haunt you.  So all the sugar in the world won’t make any of those emotions disappear long term.  They will find a way to creep back up, no matter how hard you try.

So think about it!  If you are eating sugar in order to not have to “feel” an emotions, what is the solution?

Feel the emotion?


An emotion is just a vibration in your body!


That is it,  An emotion is a vibration in our bodies and we get so scared to feel some of them…..fear, stress, anger, frustration, etc..

But if you realize that a vibration can’t kill you, can’t harm you (only if you hold it in and don’t deal with it), then it is not that scary.

Next time you crave sugar, take a minute before taking a bite.

Answer these questions…

  • Why am I eating this?
  • What emotion am I not wanting to deal with?
  • Is there someone involved in this emotion?  What are you thinking about them?
  • Where are you feeling the vibration in your body?

Now just let the vibration sit there.  Don’t try to hide it or cover it up.  Just allow it to be there.  It may be a little uncomfortable, but you are not going to die.

After you have let the vibration just be there, are you craving the sugar as much?  It most likely went away or at least significantly decreased.


How to fall out of love?


Once you admit that you want to fall out of love with sugar, you will be okay with allowing your emotions to just be there.  Allowing your body to be okay with feeling!

Do this every time you get a craving! This will train your brain that it doesn’t need that dopamine hit. Your brain will realize that it can handle any “feeling” (vibration) that comes your way without needing any help from the sugar.

Just stay consistent! I you need help, let me know!

I would love to help you get control of your sugar addiction!