Kapha- Remain energized and healthy!

Hands and feet sweaty? Excessively tired?

You are probably a kapha body type.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, kapha controls the structure of the body and is meant to protect.  It is the foundation that forms fat, muscles, bones, sinews, and cells.

Kapha Characteristics

  • solid
  • heavy
  • moist
  • slow
  • steady
  • strong
  • soft

Excellent stamina! Strong sturdy build!

Physical characteristics

  • soft radiant skin
  • large gentle eyes
  • thick hair
  • strong body
  • larger stature

When balanced, they  sleep soundly, are patient, loyal and understanding. They can keep calm in tough situations.

When out of balance can experience weight gain, excessive sweating, allergies, excessive tiredness, lack of motivation, asthma, diabetes, depression.

How to balance

  • Do new things- change schedule, don’t get stuck doing the same thing, if you can help it.
  • wake before 6 am and don’t stay up past 10 pm (kapha hours are 6-10)
  • use warm dry heat if needed for soreness and/or decongestion
  • dry brush or massage daily, to clear simulate circulation
  • avoid cold wet weather if feeling unwell or congested
  • reduce dairy intake
  • liquid fast one day a week
  • drink hot ginger tea
  • avoid sweeteners, they increase kapha
  • exercise enough to get a good sweat, helps decrease kapha
  • eat lots of vegetables
  • use small amounts of fats in cooking and eating
  • uses spices freely, but avoid salt
  • avoid red meat
  • beans are good except for soy beans

Note: Since Kapha is heavy and moist , you want to add things to your life that are opposite of heavy and moist! This helps you stay in balance!

If this seems overwhelming, lets work together to get you in balance.

If you would like a free mini session or a six week program, i’ve got you covered!


**These are all recommendations and should not be taken as medical advice.  See your doctor for any medical advice.