Why does this KEEP BUGGING me?!?!

There have been times when I have caught myself being critical of someone or allowing some else behavior to really get to me. This is nothing new to humanity and unfortunately it affects us all.

So why is it that some people can really “get under our skin” while other people we really couldn’t care any less about?

After reading Byron Katie’s book Loving What Is, I realized I had a lot to learn.

Byron does an interesting exercise, that I love! She has you write down the thought you are having about someone else.  Then she has you do a turn around.  This means you put the your name (or I) in place of the other person’s name.

Ex: I hate it when she talks about people like that.

Turn Around: I hate it when talk about people like that.

At first I became defensive, then mad, then after a few times of trying it, I could see the behaviors in others were really things I didn’t like in me.  AHH!!! Who would have thought!

It was and still is eye opening. The awareness that this brings is amazing.

Awareness bring change!

Give it a try!