Too tired for Intimacy?

Everyday you start off wishing and hoping you have the energy and desire to spend a little time with your husband that night. But, it never fails, by the time the kids get in bed, there is nothing left of you!

No desire to be touched! Just your pillow calling as a magnet for your heavy head.

Sound Familiar?

The question is are you emotionally or physically tired, or both? Is it very easy to tell?

Not from what most women experience!

So how can you tell the difference between emotional and physical exhaustion and does it even matter?  It does matter!

Try this! Tonight when you are feeling so exhausted that you just can’t muster up the energy to even visit with your husband, take a breath!

Are you at this point thinking negative thoughts about your husband….(if so then it is emotional exhaustion).

“How could he expect me to be intimate, doesn’t he know how tired I am?”

“Doesn’t he know I am not in the mood, why would he expect me to be intimate?”

“If he really understood all I did today, he would be tired too!”

Sound familiar?!?! If this is what is going on, then your THOUGHTS could very well be what are making you tired!

Your body has learned through your thinking that if it makes itself tired, you don’t have to be intimate! But what your body is not taking into account is your marriage, your husband, and your need for intimacy.

It is just thinking from it’s most primal state.. You think a negative thought, your body will try to protect you!

So your body is trying to protect you from being intimate!       Crazy, right?!

Knowing that, try some of these thoughts on tonight!

“He is probably just as tired as me but he loves me enough to want to spend time with me!”

“Man, I am so thankful he is a faithful man that is looking for love in all the right places.”

“I am one lucky girl to have a husband that puts our relationship as a priority.”

Now see what happens!

Pay attention to your thoughts! It is amazing how much we let them get out of control!