Wanting! It’s Natural and Okay!

As a I child, I remember feeling GUILTY every time I wanted something.  Weather it was a toy, candy, or as I got older a nice car,  I don’t exactly remember when I began to connect the THOUGHT of wanting something with the FEELING of “GUILT”.

As an adult, once I realized I had this thought and that  was definitely not serving me, it was pretty frustrating how long it took to change.

Healthy Want

You see my husband has a very healthy relationship with money and wanting things.  He feels like it is just like hunger, a natural good (as long as it is in a healthy place) desire.  He has his values in line, he knows he is not stepping on anyones toes to get what he wants, and he is working to earn it.  He isn’t expecting anyone else to give him anything.

After learning from him, I have come a long way and it was amazing what has changed in my life.

The desire to want is a God given desire.  We have all seen people that are complacent and don’t want anything.  They have no momentum, not working toward anything.  They are usually stuck!

Healthy want is exactly what a human needs to improve in life.  To become their best SELF.

What do you want?

Think about what you want! Write down all the detail! The more detailed the better.  This way your brain has a place to go as it works toward it.

Then write down how you are going to feel once you get it.  Are you going to feel peace, excited, content, etc..  Again the more detailed the better.

Here is an example of what I did with my daughter.  Dr. Joe Dizpenza suggest doing something like we did in the picture below.  

You give the item or experience you want a letter.

Draw lines around it representing the vibration (vibrations come from emotions)  that you will be putting off as you reach for it.

On one side list the experience in detail.  On the other side, list the emotions you will feel.

The Trick

Now the trick is to spend time with this everyday.  Imagine it, feel it, experience it! This allows your brain to get in alignment with what you are really working toward.

Believe it or not as soon as you Believe it and Feel it 100% you will make it happen! You will know when there is no more doubt, that you are on the right track.

The part that is so fun is that when you make it a part of your neuro-network, you brain is able to that letter throughout the day.  Every time you see you letter when reading, at the store, in a street sign, it will remind your brain what you are working towards.  It is pretty profound.

Give it a try.  Let me know I  you need help.  I love doing this with clients!