What if we aren’t supposed to be Happy all of the time?

Ever feel like just when you get things figured out, something new comes in and takes it’s toll on you? Leaving you not quite as happy as you were?

50% 50%

So what if you weren’t supposed to “feel” happy 100% of the time?

What if experiencing pain, helped you to appreciate the comfort at an entirely new level?

What if feeling frustrated allowed you to enjoy feeling pleasure so much more?

What if you accepted that life is 50/50?

Really think about that. If you could really wrap your brain around being okay with only feeling “good” emotions 50% of the time?

What that does for you!

When I really wrapped my brain around this idea, it was pretty amazing what happened.  I remember the first time I could tell that I had really grasped this idea.

I had been pretty frustrated and stressed out with some stuff that was going on.  I remember getting frustrated and just wanting it to go away so that I could get back on with my happy life.

Then I remembered I was working on “accepting” that life is 50/50.  I paused, took  a deep breath and allowed myself to be frustrated.  It was crazy.  Try it!

Once I gave myself permission to be frustrated, sad, mad, angry, scared, hurt, worried, etc., it was like they didn’t even feel as bad as I remember them feeling.

I wasn’t as rushed to get back to my happy state. The resistance was gone and I was able to work through my thoughts and emotions on a more solid ground and much faster.

Why does this matter?

I don’t know about you, but I want as much good in my life as I can bring in.  By allowing my “negative emotions” and seeing that I need them in order to really feel the “good” emotions,  I can let them get through your body faster rather than hold on to them and try to bury them.

As most people know, trying to hide a negative emotion is not such a good idea.  It will always come out later and with vengeance!!!   I think you would agree with me, that is awful to let things boil inside!

It not only makes you emotionally sick, but physically sick.

What to do?

Next time you feel a “negative” emotion (one you aren’t really liking)…

  1. take a deep breath (it is only a vibration in your body)
  2. what part of your body are you feeling that vibration in
  3. is it a fast or slow vibration
  4. what color is it?
  5. now just allow that vibration to be there.  Don’t try to make it go away.
  6. if you need to move on and do something else, just let it come along and work itself out

This is the art of allowing.

Give it a try.  Give yourself permission to allow the 50/50 rule in your life.

If you need help! Let me know!