Why I do what I do.

Years ago after having my son, he’s 13 1/5 now, I was in a very bad place and I had no I idea what was going on.  My pregnancy had been pretty tough physically but I was also dealing with a pretty painful custody battle for my older daughter.

After having my son, it seemed like foods began to really influence the way I felt more than every.  My body hurt all the time, there were days when I couldn’t even get up.  There were are few times I couldn’t even walk, crawling to get my husband was all I could do.

Any type of physical work stated making me sick.  Working in the garden or yard for hours would make me sick for days.  It was becoming very debilitating to do anything. 

Then I began to have major bone loss in my jaw, resulting in the jaw of a 60 year old woman.  Doctors weren’t helping me at all.  They kept saying there was nothing wrong with me.

What I did

I decided I needed to take it into my own hands if I was going to be able to show up in life as a mother and wife.  So, I went back to school.  I became a  Holistic Health Practitioner because I wanted to learn how to fix myself naturally.  From the first class I took, I started to make chances and began to see improvement.

I went on to learn a method of treatment called NAET (Nambudripaud Allergy Elimination Technique) which is an amazing energy work method that helps the body detox so that it can heal.  I had major changes after learning this.  My body needed to do some major detoxing and a lot of it was emotions.

I also was trained in Thought Field Therapy, which is another type of energy work to help clear emotions and physical ailments.

What I noticed

I noticed that each client I worked with, there were emotionally issues that were the root of all of their health symptoms.  I was the same.  I had been in a physically abusive relationship and I am 100% sure that is where I began to spiral downward.

I decided I was going to change things up and get to the root with clients.  No matter what they, you, me are dealing with,  there is an emotional underlying cause.

Changes are profound when you get your mind in check

I have seen in in myself and my clients! Once you get into the cause and make the changes that is when stuff really gets to change.  I am still dealing with the repercussions of my issues, but i am so much healthier on every level.

I work on my mind EVERYDAY without fail and this is what keeps me healthy.  When I don’t, I suffer.

Why do you do what you do? Do you like your reason?

if not, what do you want to be doing.  Is there something that is calling you.  Maybe your experiences can bless the lives of others, just like mine have.

If you need help, I am here for that.  That is what I do.