Your Body is a Verb

Your Body is a Verb

Remember in elementary school,  you learn that a noun is a person, a place or a thing?

So growing up, most of us would  consider our bodies a noun. I asked my kids one morning while getting ready for the day,  “What part of speech is your body?”

All of them said, “A Noun!”  I am pretty sure they were wondering if I paid attention in any English class.

The crazy thing is, humans bodies change from day to day in some way or another.  Everything from thoughts to foods to environmental elements affect the daily state of our body.

This means …..Your body is a verb, not a noun!

Deepak Chopra says so himself in his book What are You Hungry For?

This is great news, because it means that your body is not just a fixed object, but an ever changing process.  

If this is the case, then you can change into whomever or whatever you would like to be.  

I love this so much because  this means that if I am not feeling confident or motivated one day, that does not mean I will have to feel that way the next day.  

Good ole’ Webster’s dictionary defines a verb as a word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence.

Thinking of your Body as a verb, gives you so many opportunities.

So how can you use  this to our advantage?

Pay attention to what you are using your “energy” on.

Look closely at your day.  Are you letting your mind wander on unintentional thoughts?

If so, make a list of the FACTS that are stressing you out.  Be sure that these are only facts in this list, no opinions, 100% neutral.

Only things that you and I would agree are facts (or as I like to call them circumstance).  

Are these facts consuming your energy?  If so…..

The reason is because of the thought you are having about that circumstance.

Nothing can cause you stress, anxiety, anger, etc…. It the thought you are having about that circumstance that is causing you to feel that way.  

See if you can come up with thoughts that won’t drain your energy,  

Thoughts that will better serve you.  

Even just being aware of your thinking is going to change your outcome.  

Knowing that your body is a verb and ever changing, use this to your advantage.

Changing a negative input (thought) to a neutral or positive one, makes a world of difference.

What would you like to change?

Since a verb is never constant, then you get to choose which direction you want your body and life to go.  

What would you like to be different in your marriage?

How would you like to feel about yourself?

What do you have control over? How can you change this?

How would you like to view your husband?

Make a list of things you would like to change. Things you have control over.

Now pick one! Make a list of what your strategy is to make this change.

What are you going to need to think in order to make this change happen?

Look at this everyday! Rewrite it everyday so your brain knows what the plan is.  

Look forward to What happens!

This is the fun part.  As soon as you start to become aware and put yourself in charge of you, amazing things start to happen.  

Your body starts to change.

Relationships improve.

Things start to fall into place quicker and with less resistance.  

What a blessing our bodies are VERBS and not nouns.

Since you get to choose, have fun on this new adventure as it unfolds daily.